Spirent delivers LSA solutions for accelerating and automating testing and assurance with VisionWorks. VisionWorks consists of a suite of integrated components including Analytics, Test & Service Assurance Controllers, Test Authoring and Test Libraries, and Active Test Agents.

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VisionWorks Test Analytics

VisionWorks Test Analytics represents a specific implementation of VisionWorks components focused on active test and assurance use cases including: Enterprise Service Assurance, vEPC Turn-Up Validation, Data Service Assurance and VoLTE Service Assurance.

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VisionWorks Use Cases

Use Case
Mobile Enterprise Services
MNOs are building network overlays for enterprise partners from market verticals like IoT, banking, logistics and emergency services. In this use case VisionWorks validates the performance of these services, alerts carriers of any degradation, and monitors SLA KPIs in real-time.
Application Performance
Customer satisfaction for mobile services now depends on providing reliable, high-performance connections to customers’ favorite apps. This use case allows operators to define the suite of critical carrier, partner and over-the-top applications to monitor for availability and performance KPIs.
Voice and Video over LTE
Voice and Video services require a complex combination of control and dataplane transactions across multiple network functions all consisting of many nodes. The test case not only alerts operators to degradations in service before customers detect them it also enables isolation of the issue to a specific network function, protocol and node.
Network Upgrades
One of the biggest sources of network degradation and faults are upgrades and configuration changes in the network. VisionWorks enables carriers to validate these changes while they are being implemented to ensure there is no impact to users and that the change has the desired outcome.

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