Accelerated test cycles

Spirent TestCenter features the industry’s best set of tools to quickly isolate, analyze and resolve problems. TestCenter’s sophisticated user interface framework is designed to improve the tester’s efficiency and effectiveness. The test environment can be customized to meet the unique needs of each tester—ultimately leading to higher quality products and services brought more quickly to market.

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Unified Quality of Experience (QoE) Assessment Tool

Spirent TestCenter Enhanced L4-7 is the industry’s first unified Layer 2 to Layer 7 test solution, enabling users to test QoE over routing protocols, including HTTP/S performance, and to verify application traffic over emulated topologies.

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TestCenter Gets Smarter

The new Spirent TestCenter IQ platform enables actionable analytics, intuitive reporting, and the flexibility to visualize and better understand dynamic behavior of systems under test to help reduce complexity of network testing through the quick isolation and presentation of issues, saving test engineers valuable support time and costs.

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Quality of Experience

Intelligent Results
Dynamic Results Views allow users to quickly identify the problematic areas and create reports
Real-time Tx controls
Enables the tester to troubleshoot problems by altering the test while it is running
Real-time results views
Allow the user to see how the device responds to changes in the test conditions without having to stop the test and save the results
Real-time capture/decode
Detailed analysis of interactions enabled between Spirent TestCenter and the DUT without having to halt transmission
Comprehensive capture filters
Allow the user to isolate problem frames/exchanges from the traffic torrent at 10G wire rate
Complex Traffic Patterns
Allow the user to emulate complex mix of voice, video and data traffic
Comprehensive Logging
Ensures no critical events are missed while allowing the user to filter out all but the key events
Compatibility feature
Ability to analyze non-Spirent TestCenter traffic to troubleshoot production networks


Spirent TestCenter can be easily and effectively automated in multiple ways to match your automation environment. Increase efficiency by automating repetitive tasks to expand test coverage, ultimately ensuring quality of the device under test.

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Network infrastructure test user interface

The Spirent TestCenter user interface emphasizes ease of use while offering very powerful capabilities and a high degree of flexibility. Its object-oriented interface simplifies the creation of multi-protocol topologies, while built-in wizards and configuration accelerators reduce the time-to-test.

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