Connected Vehicles

Understanding the Risks of Cyber Threats

Connected car

Preventing, detecting, and remediating attacks on networks, devices, and applications have been important concerns and challenges for the technology industry. But as consumer electronics, network- and cloud-based services, and the new world of connected devices converge, the personal vehicle has become a target. The auto industry—automakers, software developers, chipmakers, and other component manufacturers in the automotive supply chain—is becoming increasingly aware that both components and finished products are potential targets for malicious attacks.

This whitepaper describes why cyber threats are becoming a critical concern for automakers and how such threats can affect vehicles. Easily compromised auto systems can be a channel for malicious activity with enormous consequences for drivers, law enforcement, and society in general. With help from Spirent Communications, automakers can begin to take steps to protect their products, their customers, and ultimately, their businesses from the all-too-familiar consequences of cyber-attacks and security breaches.

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