Enable outstanding user experience through global deployment of Wi-Fi

Carriers are using Wi-Fi to improve positioning accuracy and boost mobility applications. Spirent solutions test core Wi-Fi technology as well as Wi-Fi integration into hybrid positioning and offload scenarios—so you can capitalize on Wi-Fi while maintaining a superior Quality of Experience.

Spirent WLAN Test Solutions

Spirent TestCenter supports the highest performing and most realistic IEEE 802.11 wireless local area network (WLAN) multi-client emulation for functional, performance and end-to-end testing of Access Points (APs) and WLAN ecosystems that include WLAN controllers and gateways.

Understanding How to Test 802.11ac Wave-2 MU-MIMO with Spirent TestCenter WLAN

Learn how to test the Wave 2 features and how to use the Spirent TestCenter WLAN solutions in a lab setup. Learn how to test access points (APs) on the new Wave 2 offerings with a focus on a feature called multiuser multiple input, multiple output (MU-MIMO).  Download the white paper to learn more.

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Voice Over Wi-Fi Testing Challenges

Gain knowledge on evaluating device performance in the lab. Get a detailed explanation of specific test scenarios and the factors that most critically impact the Quality of Experience (QoE).

Wi-Fi offload for VoLTE devices

Wi-Fi offloading is a great way to ease the network congestion caused by VoLTE and RCS bandwidth demands while maintaining superior quality of experience. With Spirent’s IMS, VoLTE and RCS Test Solution, you can test a wide range of scenarios and conditions for Wi-Fi roaming from VoLTE networks.

Wi-Fi offload

As the mobile network and wireless spectrums become increasingly crowded, congestion artifacts can disrupt the user experience. Spirent offers a range of testing solutions to ensure Wi-Fi offload solutions deliver maximum security, throughput and interoperability.

Real-world Wi-Fi technology testing
in the lab

Creating authentic RF environments in the lab is essential for realistic Wi-Fi testing. The Spirent VR5 HD Spatial Channel Emulator performs sophisticated Wi-Fi and WiMAX testing—making it the ideal choice for testing high-antenna-count MIMO and beamforming scenarios.

Wi-Fi technology products

Landslide Wi-Fi

Landslide Wi-Fi

Advanced test capability to emulate millions of mobile subscribers traversing the network and using a mix of real-world of applications and services.

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Elevate Test Framework

An open, scalable wireless test solution for interoperability challenges of device-to-device services, bringing repeatable user experience testing into the lab.

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HD Spatial Channel Emulator that simplifies MIMO/Beamforming and Wi-Fi devices testing.

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VoLTE and VoWi-Fi Webinars


Assuring the Successful Launch of VoWiFi Devices and Services

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Improving the VoLTE Experience: Best Practices from Early Launches

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Voice Over Wi-Fi
Testing Challenges

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Hybrid location technologies poster

This reference poster includes informative data, statistics, and reference information about hybrid location technologies including A-GNSS, Wi-Fi, cellular & sensors

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An overview of hybrid location technologies

Key technologies used for hybrid positioning, how they can be used independently or in combination, and test strategies required to ensure good performance

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VR5 HD Spatial Channel Emulator

Brings unprecedented ease of use to testing high-antenna-count MIMO/beamforming devices and

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Leading the industry in audio quality testing

The new Enhanced Voice Services (EVS) codec is bringing higher audio quality to wireless devices and Spirent is working closely with leading chipset manufacturers to expedite the rollout. The EVS codec provides unprecedented quality for both voice and generic audio (such as music) with low bit rates and an error concealment (EC) mechanism to neutralize the detrimental effects of transmission errors resulting in lost packets in multiple network technologies. EVS allows service providers to optimize network resources and call quality. Be prepared to test EVS wireless device implementation based on the latest 3GPP standard with Spirent’s IMS, VoLTE and RCS Test Solution.

Cellular to Wi-Fi mobility

The explosion of data traffic, especially created by the rising use of streamed multimedia content and web services is driving the market. Improved user experience, subscriber retention, cost reduction, increased capacity and speeds, and reduced latency are the reasons carriers are investing in their networks. Behavior patterns are shifting causing the demand for increased mobility to be connected all the time anywhere.

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