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Spirent’s High Speed Ethernet (HSE) 400G, 200G, 100G, 50G, 40G, 25G, and 10G portfolio allows you to quickly and confidently launch products and services dependent on the emerging cost-effective, high speed and high density technologies. Lead the deployment and transform your network with Spirent’s industry-leading products and services.

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Spirent, China Telecom, Huawei Collaborate to Verify 400GbE

Spirent, China Telecom, Huawei Collaborate to Verify 400GbE. Tests included the verification of 400GbE port functions such as line-speed forwarding, multi-service stacking, and fault reporting for medium and long-range technologies using Spirent TestCenter.


PAM4: The New Modulation Standard for HSE Serdes

In early 2017, Spirent launched the first dedicated test system for 200G, based on the use of 4x50GbE PAM4 technology. Longer term, knowledge of PAM4 will be important for PHY-to-MAC emulation in any Spirent service-provider tool. Test traditional Ethernet Carrier Ethernet and be ready as future IEEE standards emerge. Read our white paper to learn more about PAM4.

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FEC for Ethernet: A New Path to Flexibility

Developers can experiment with proprietary FEC while retaining compatibility with Ethernet standards due to where the “extender sublayer,” or CDXS, sits giving hardware designers more freedom to experiment with error-correcting codes. Learn more about FEC and how Spirent’s 400/200/100/50GbE quad speed-test modules were first to market, and have been designed to support the mandatory FEC/PCS IEEE requirements.

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Industry’s highest density 100G test ever conducted

Test of the H3C S12516X-AF datacenter core switch using Spirent TestCenter sets a new world record by demonstrating the highest bandwidth capacity for a single switch with 768 100G Ethernet interfaces.


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Press Releases

Industry’s Highest Density
100G Test

H3C 768-port test

Spirent supports New H3C in the industry’s highest density 100G data center switch test ever conducted, an important benchmark for the industry, underscoring the exponential growth and scale datacenters are experiencing.

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World's first 200G Ethernet testing

Spirent announces the world’s first 200G Ethernet Test System to meet the exploding growth in mobile devices, high-speed data center servers, internet-enabled entertainment, cloud computing and social media

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Award-Winning 400G test solution

Our 400G Ethernet test system received the 2015 Best of Interop Grand Prize at Interop Tokyo. At the show, Spirent and Huawei, with support from Toyo Corporation conducted the industry’s first public interoperability demonstration of a 400Gb Ethernet implementation.

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200G Test Solution

Spirent’s high-speed Ethernet test solutions will ensure your 100G, 200G and 400G networks perform to users’ expectations. Applications and higher bandwidth requirements continue to drive the need for larger hyper-scale data centers, enterprise and cloud service provider locations.

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400G Test Solution

Spirent’s 400GbE platform is designed to address today’s IEEE and MSA standards as they evolve. Spirent is committed to addressing these standards’ requirements to help protect your present and future investments.

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모듈 제품군

dX3—Data Density

dX3 module

업계 최고 밀도의 400/200GbE 및 다섯가지 이더넷 스피드를 지원하는 100/50/40/25/10G 이더넷 성능 테스트 모듈입니다. 테스트 예산 내에서 최고의 유연성을 확장성을 갖춘 클라우드 데이터 센터 패브릭을 검증할 수 있습니다.

fX3—Flexible Functionality

fX3 module

16/32G 파이버 채널을 포함하면서 선택적으로 100/50/40/25/10G 이더넷을 지원하는 테스트 모듈로 포트 밀도, 광범위한 기능, 강력한 에뮬레이션 기능이 결합되어 서비스 제공업체, 클라우드 데이터 센터 또는 대규모 기업환경을 위한 인프라를 테스트하기에 이상적인 솔루션입니다.

mX3—Multiprotocol Performance

mX3 module

최고 성능의 다섯가지 스피드를 지원하는 100/50/40/25/10G 이더넷 에뮬레이션 플랫폼으로 여러 프로토콜에 걸쳐 최고의 확장성을 제공하며 코어 네트워크 및 통합 멀티플레이 디바이스와 서비스를 고려하여 전체 도시를 현실적으로 에뮬레이션할 수 있도록 설계되었습니다.

Emulation, Timing and Synchronization Solutions

Attero 100G

A high-speed network emulator for emulating propagation, routing, switching and buffering delays by up to 256 ms at 100 Gb/s and 640 ms at 40 Gb/s

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Paragon 100G chassis

Industry’s first 100G SyncE test solution used to measure frequency and phase synchronization in accordance with G.8262 (SyncE) and IEEE 1588 (PTP) standards. Supports wander testing at 40GbE and 100GbE speeds.

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Cloud and Data Center

The explosive growth of traffic into mega-scale data centers is compelling the adoption of 100G, 50G, 40G, 25G, and 10G technology. Spirent’s proven scalability and reliability enable you to deliver next-generation applications and services—from anywhere.

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Carrier Ethernet—core to edge

100GbE technologies started in the core and have now migrated all the way to the multi-service edge routers and switches. Spirent’s test solutions for high speed networks ensure you can manage the transition while delivering the quality of service your users expect.

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What’s driving the need for 25GbE?

What are the immediate drivers accelerating the adoption of 25GbE speeds? Spirent offers leading-edge technical innovation coupled with extensive testing experience and a complete portfolio of modules and appliances to address 25GbE testing needs.

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