The Spirent DevOps Advantage

DevOps integrates Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) orchestration tools with Spirent’s Continuous Testing (CT) automation and Continuous Change Management (CCM) tools, including iTest and Velocity.

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eBook—Advantages of Continuous Testing

The Continuous Testing (CT) component of DevOps is often overlooked and creates inefficiencies later. Steps that should have been understood at the beginning of the project are often added late, which slows DevOps adoption. Learn more about several key areas for success with DevOps and Continuous Testing in this new eBook from Spirent.

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The Missing Pieces

Watch our webinar on Continuous Testing and learn how other teams have overcome the challenges of implementing DevOps from the experts.

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A Solution Blueprint for DevOps

Supporting a rapid-paced development cycle, whether using Agile and non-Agile based processes, has its challenges. This DevOps solution blueprint encompasses Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Test (CT), Continuous Delivery (CD) and Continuous Change Management (CCM) capabilities with automated orchestration for organizations looking to improve efficiency for rapid-paced product development and deployment.

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Accelerating DevOps Through Continuous Testing

This white paper explores, in depth, the components of a proven DevOps Continuous Test (CT) solution and includes a case study which applies these guidelines and provides real world metrics of results and benefits.

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Common Causes for Test Automation Solution Failure

Organizations face big questions when considering adopting a test or lab automation initiative.
Will it deliver the planned ROI? Will it be easy to implement? Will it work?

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Automation—The Quantum Leap in Network Testing

Gain detailed insights into where forward-looking organizations gained decisive advantages in the marketplace with their adoption of network test automation solutions delivered by experts.

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The Optimized Deployment Model

This white paper describes the methodology that
has been used to deploy iTest to hundreds of test engineers in more than 80 global business units.

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Spirent iTest

An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) designed for test authoring and execution by testers, developers, and automation teams.

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Spirent Velocity

A Lab Automation environment designed to be “self-service” for the configuration of test beds, scheduling of resources and orchestration of testing for both physical and virtual networks.

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Spirent DevOps Case Studies


Accelerating Build and
Test Cycles

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Reducing Defects
and Release Delays

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