In the years ahead, the evolution to 5G will take us beyond today’s 4G LTE mobile networks to the next generation of faster speeds, greater capacity, lower latency, reduced energy requirements, advanced multi-antenna technologies, a new air interface and more. Yet it will also bring a revolutionary and inventive generation of real-time applications across billions of interconnected devices. Spirent experts are here to help you get ready and learn more.

Gear up for 5G

Get the eBook that discusses challenges and testing issues that have come to light during early work with 5G. Explore various techniques that can be used to refine and optimize development on the path to 5G.

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An intro to 5G and
Massive MIMO

Read our quick primer to learn some of the key aspects of 5G and discover an innovative approach to testing the Massive MIMO arrays that will be the foundation of the new network

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Lifecycle Service Assurance

5G requires a completely new approach to testing and assuring network functions and services. Lifecycle Service Assurance (LSA) enables providers to streamline infrastructure validation, service testing and operational assurance to get 5G services to market faster.

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Testing device RF performance

Service providers and device manufacturers are on the path to 5G. With testing capabilities for 3- and 4-component carrier aggregation, higher order MIMO OTA, 3D bidirectional beamforming, mmWave frequencies, and other related features, Spirent Vertex can help you prepare for the 5G revolution.

5G and the Internet of Things

With the expectation of 1ms low latency, 5G promises to enable real-time applications such as autonomous vehicles, automated factories, and massive Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications. At the same time, it will need to support the capabilities of millions of high latency, low data rate IoT devices, while maintaining the security integrity of a network opening up to ever increasing vulnerabilities.

Video like it's never been seen before

5G networks will revolutionize the video experience further than ever before with virtual reality headsets, Ultra HD streaming to devices, multiple camera angles available at sporting events with interactive features, holodeck gaming experiences, real-time immersive healthcare, and so much more. With rich video experiences everywhere around us, video quality and performance will become more important than ever.

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